About Kiashien

Software Developer.

The Silicon Age

I was born into a world that barely knew what computers were. Computers were magic, science far beyond the common man, but wielded by people writing fancy math to make complicated equations solved in seconds minutes.

At the time, no one realized the true potential of computing. No one realized that we would model entire planets, that we would rewire the world to sing the song of silicone.

I am a writer, a poet. And I speak code, and I see the song. I do not speak of the power of the Silicon age because I am a Silicon Child, a speaker of code and languages. I speak of it, because it is pervasive. Not understanding basic computer skills now is anathema. It has almost reached the point where it is pointless to list basic Windows and Office skills on your resume, because you should understand it.

The only reason it is still listed is because the generation ahead of me doesn’t quite get it. They either do not think it is important enough to learn, or think they can’t. Both are wrong.

I wield the power of software. If you’ve ever searched the internet, especially in the near past, you will know software is power. Software is knowledge.

Hardware wires it all together, but software makes it all talk. Hardware is getting everyone in the same room. Software is giving them a language.

Software is what makes all the pieces come together.

Silicon makes it possible.

Use the knowledge. Learn. Dream.

Because otherwise, people like me wasted our lives. We worked to make software give you more power. More knowledge. More than we ever had even dreamed of.

You have it now. Take it. And don’t just dream. Take it by the horns, and surpass us.


I work

Drifting, trying to marshal my mind
Trying to force my mind into structure
Trying to manage
Trying to do.

Tears stream
Weeping, weeping
So much death
So much impending death

Tears streaming.
So much pain.
No solution.

Only pain.
Only Echoes.
Stretching across years.

I wield the power
Of Code
Of reality written
In Software

I will mute the pain
The Echoes
The Differences

I will Raft.
I will Hike.
I will Camp
I will live.

But people die.
And the pain does not.

GOP, Gay Marriage, and Spin.

I wish I could write this without actual data. Yes, you heard me. Because at least then it would be conjecture or me guessing.

Instead, the data supports directly the items I’m going to iterate.

1) Support for Gay Marriage is drastically on the rise. According to NPR, who is known to be openly a supporter of the GOP, 70% of young Americans (18-32 year olds) are in support of gay marriage.

2) GOP are trying to make abortion funny, to attract voters. They’re hiring people to make sarcastic videos. To try and tap into this young market- and use those votes to ban abortion, and birth control, and gay marriage.

3) The response from organizations such as “Students for Life” – which is headed by a woman, even further confusing things, is quoted in this article as saying, “‘You’ve got to be pro-life, you’ve got be pro-marriage, or else you’re not going to get our money,” Hawkins said firmly.'”

Just in case you are not from the US, or not up to date on Conservative terms, “pro-marriage” means that you’re against any form of family unit that isn’t just a man, a woman, and their children. Oh, and they should be married before they have kids. Adoption is begrudgingly accepted, but only if you can’t have your own kids.

I don’t know a single pro-choice person who thinks abortion is funny. I do know people who abuse dark humor, but I can’t name any who actually believe that abortion is funny. Tragic that it had to happen, due to a lack of birth control, or just raw numbers, yes. Funny?


These tactics are insane. No one suggests actually changing tactics.

No one on the conservative side suggests backing off on the issues that they are absolutely losing on. No one suggests considering that many many many people who are against them now WANT many things they want, but won’t bend on social issues.

I don’t understand these people, and why they won’t just.. THINK! Benefit humanity! Reduce Violence! Allow people to see their wives/husbands! Let their adopted children do the same!

This is just not really controversial to anyone who isn’t ruled by their parents, which.. yes.. is the young. Go figure.