Favorite Mega Man Bosses

One of these Mega Man Bosses must be your favorite, and I’ve given you all the reasons why one of them should be. I’ve omitted the X series, because let’s face it, gems like Frost Walrus and Web Spider deserve their own list.

Air Man – Mega Man 2

  • Air beats metal kind of like paper beats rock.
  • Make fun all you want… they later redid this idea with Wind Man. If they did it twice, it must be a great idea…

Blizzard Man – Mega Man 6

  • He is a snow making machine.
  • Few other bosses have hobbies suited for well adjusted robots like skiing.

Bomb Man – Mega Man 1

  • One of the few robots Wily made that make some actual sense…
  • Bomb man: smart enough to bring bombs to a gun fight.

Bright Man – Mega Man 4

  • Light bulbs are so hard to break, and that’s why they made a boss robot out of one of them.
  • At least they didn’t call him Bulb Man.
  • Light bulbs, or brightness, apparently can stop time.
  • He’s a lame rip off of Flash Man who also somehow stopped time using light.

Bubble Man – Mega Man 2

  • Bubble Man is into bubbles, which is why he has so many spikes in his level. I wonder why Iceman didn’t have flames in his.
  • Bubbles beat metal kind of like… …never mind.
  • Bubble Man’s stage music was one of the best.

Burst Man – Mega Man 7

  • He is the embodiment of mega man innuendo.
  • Burst Man is Bubble Man once he’s all grown up.

Centaurman – Mega Man 6

  • From Bright Man and Flash Man we get the impression that light can stop time. No. You have it all wrong. Centaurness stops time.

Crystal Man – Mega Man 5

  • Let’s face the facts together here… this sounds like a drug reference.

Cut Man – Mega Man 1

  • He wears the body of PacMan upon his head, who flies at people.
  • The PacMan on his head can cut through metal.

Dust Man – Mega Man 4

  • There are few things more threatening than dust (ACHOO!).
  • His attack is not dust, it’s sucking. He sucks. He sucks so much. And guess what he’ll do to Mega Man?

Flash Man – Mega Man 4

  • What’s the big deal? It’s not like Dr. Wily gave him any anatomy to flash.

Gemini Man – Mega Man 3

  • Hey, man, what’s your sign?
  • Obviously, he’s related to the statue of liberty (look it up if you don’t believe me).
  • This boss surprisingly makes sense.

Guts Man – Mega Man 1

  • He sounds like he should be a horror freak, made out of guts.
  • Some translator thought the word guts meant really strong apparently.
  • For some reason, it’s plural. YES!

Gyro Man – Mega Man 5

  • He needs more Tzatziki sauce in my opinion, but other than that is quite good.

Hard Man – Mega Man 3

  • Hard Man is right with Burst Man in the innuendo category.
  • He’s better named than, “You Can’t Beat Me Nyah-Nyah Man”.

Junk Man – Mega Man 7

  • Wily obviously made him out of cast off parts, broken dreams, and dumb ideas, which at least makes him environmentally friendly.

Napalm Man – Mega Man 5

  • I mentioned how Wily had a moment of clarity when he made Bomb Man. This is the second moment of clarity. Not air, not bubbles, NAPALM

Pharaoh Man – Mega Man 4

  • Wait… What?

Ring Man – Mega Man 4

  • If you date him, he will win you the stuffed panda bear in the ring toss game at the carnival.

Shade Man – Mega Man 7

  • Robot vampire? Well, it doesn’t make any sense, but then again, neither do sparkling vampires.

Sheep Man – Mega Man 10

  • He can turn into cute, dangerous pink clouds.

Tomahawkman – Mega Man 6

  • Hey, look, it’s embarrassingly politically incorrect and pretty racist man…

Top Man – Mega Man 3

  • Children’s toys make great boss weapons.

Yamato Man – Mega Man 6

  • None of us in the USA have any idea what a Yamato is.
  • Looking it up does not answer the question of why.