Let Fate Knock Again

I let fate knock again,
And it wouldn’t stop tapping
The same timber, cadence.
I fought against its rapping.
I told it I didn’t fear the unknown,
The inevitable, or the arranged.
Can fate listen or does it only beat
A single drop every day dances deranged?
I hold it true that we do what we must
But what is it that we must do,
And what masques as mere compelling
While else is need through and through?
Its easy the fall into need,
Pattern played out on the side of a wish
Only to realize how little one truly needs
Trapped only by that we fear not accomplish.

All I Need To Know I Learned From Final Fantasy 6

Twenty things I have learned from Final Fantasy 6 that are invaluable to life and living:

1. No matter how odd or unlikely it may seem, there is ALWAYS an elixer in the clock.

2. Never be the first person to be involved with testing a new technology. Just look at Kefka.

3. You can’t take the water from magical healing springs… unless you have a certain bucket in which case you can never move that bucket after setting it down. Ever.

4. Magic works better on invisible things. You can’t hit invisible things by normal means, even if they are perfectly still and you know exactly where they are.

5. A lone wolf may say he’s just a pickpocket, but he will go after your cute buddies if set free… cute buddies that don’t fit in your pocket. Lone wolf is obviously confused.

6. No matter how many times something is re released and uncensored, they will find something new to censor.

7. There are thieves and there are treasure hunters and there is a HUGE difference between them.

8. Sprinting is the only way to travel on foot.

9. John Locke’s stuff about tabula rasa is true where love is concerned at least

10. People with eye patches don’t tell the truth.

11. If you ever are in need of a lift, find a forest to stand in the middle of.

12. Air ships are the only way for seriously ambitious people to travel.

13. Suicide isn’t the answer, but a good attempt might bring you some.

14. Don’t eat slow fish.

15. Travel in fours.

16. Tackle hard stuff in three groups of four.

17. A picture is worth at least a good fight.

18. Redecorating is a BAD idea when it comes to magic statues.

19. Copying and sexual ambiguity are not only acceptable, but powerful.

20. If he has a dog, he can’t be all that bad.