Not That Special


You are just not that special, attractive
but part of ninety percent of people,
and you’re the one who responds.
All of them are flaky, so I see you out of the four
friends that are only friends.
Even if they say they love me to the moon and back
I’m a backup- It’s only hyperbole,
because I too am not that special.

For a Friend Who Just Lost Their Mother

Hello everyone,

Please consider donating even just a few dollars or sharing on social media. Every bit helps!

I couldn’t imagine having a family member pass away and not only having to shoulder all of the funeral expenses, but not having the money to do it. The funeral home says they need all of the money up front, and until then there’s no service or closure.

Number Numb

People forget about the concept of quality in lieu of quantity all the time. In real world practice, I see people counting and measuring with numeric metrics to measure units if life.

Lets take the 30th birthday. Why do we care? Because our system is based on units of ten. Being thirty doesn’t mean anything.

People measure the minutes of their commute. I’m sitting on the T (Boston subway) writing down thoughts for a blog post on my phone using the WordPress app. Do you care about how long or how stressful your commute is?

I’ve always thought that people can put too much faith in numbers without qualifying what those numbers might mean. I love the questions ‘what’ and ‘why’, and will always ask these more than ‘how much’ and ‘how many’.