Let Fate Knock Again

I let fate knock again,
And it wouldn’t stop tapping
The same timber, cadence.
I fought against its rapping.
I told it I didn’t fear the unknown,
The inevitable, or the arranged.
Can fate listen or does it only beat
A single drop every day dances deranged?
I hold it true that we do what we must
But what is it that we must do,
And what masques as mere compelling
While else is need through and through?
Its easy the fall into need,
Pattern played out on the side of a wish
Only to realize how little one truly needs
Trapped only by that we fear not accomplish.

You Never Really Know

First rule of life:

You never really know.

You think you know yourself, your friends, what you’ll do today, tomorrow, even next week. You think you know that you will never do something or that you’ll eventually accomplish that one thing that you’re sure you will get done before you roll over into the next world.

We assume all the time. It’s not just for asses.

We assume the floor will be underneath us when we roll out of bed in the morning.

And sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes, there’s not even a bed to roll out of.

I try to take this knowledge and with it appreciate all the times something does work out, go as planned, or just doesn’t go horribly wrong. I try to be thankful when I do have a bed to roll out of.

It’s a mantra. At least this. It could be worse that.

Bad memories are also mantras. All the worries and should haves tend to repeat, chanting in my head.

There are things I arm myself with in anticipation of a time when I lose sight of the way life is. So, I arm myself:

Swallow whole your whole self.
Every part is a piece.
Be yourself at peace.
Be content with being
the being who strives.
Against identity,
we strive to embody eternity,
when all we can be is now.